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Celerina is situated in the Southern Alps in Engadin, 1714 m.a.s.l., in the triangle formed by Zurich, Milan and Munich. The valley is accessible via the Maloja, Julier, Albula, Flüela, Ofen and Bernina passes, as well as by the Rhaetian Railway, bus or air.

Arrival by car

By car Celerina is within easy reach from northern Switzerland, Ticino, Italy and Austria, on safe, well-maintained alpine roads. Distances and approximate journey times for e.g.:

Zurich – Celerina: 200 km, 3 hours
Milano – Celerina: 175 km, 3 hours
Munich – Celerina: 300 km, 4 hours

Crossing the passes in drifting snow is only permitted if using snow chains or driving a 4×4 vehicle.

Arrival by train

The journey by Rhaetian Railway (RhB) via Tiefencastel into the Upper Engadin passes through loop tunnels and over dizzying viaducts and is one of the most picturesque and interesting journeys in the whole of Europe.

Besides, there is also the possibility of travelling via Klosters and the Vereina-Tunnel to the Upper Engadin. Travel time from Zurich to Celerina: 3 hours 19 min.

Restaurant and pizzeria in Cerlerina in the Engadin

The perfect ambience for cold winter evenings
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